The Lusso – Luxury property branding


The team have been working on creating a visual identity for “The Lusso” a boutique collection of nine luxury apartments, of exceptional design, influenced by their natural surroundings and coastal setting. This project by Pierfront Developments, a privately owned, family run property development company based on the south coast, aims to create a new standout residential build for the local area.

As a starting point we organised a collaborative workshop in which Make Studio as well as Pierfront Development’s leadership analysed, researched and planned user personas, design aesthetics and local competitors. Another important task was to look at international projects who’s branding reflected the quality of the build to a striking and modern level, statements we always aim to achieve for our clients, going above and beyond what is expected. As a completely new development we oversaw this project from naming to brand rollout so the team had a great opportunity to have full rein over the creative process.

After presenting multiple routes, the final design chosen focused on natural living. Inspired by the ebb and flow of the Sandbanks tide and the hill rolling down to the shore from where the property is located, this brand had a large amount of natural inspiration to take from. As a direct response to the organic forms it represents, the rounded curves that follow through the wordmark as well as the rest of the typography seen throughout the visual identity carry this aesthetic across the whole brand. Paired alongside a calming and elegant colour palette taken from foliage, sand and stone, the lifestyle focused storytelling brought this all together to create an idyllic atmosphere for anyone looking to escape the city.

We’re excited to see the project come to fruition and with a holding page and hoarding both up, our next step will be a microsite to advertise the incredible work gone into this property.