Cullen Homes launches new brand and website


Make Studio is proud to share our latest project with Cullen Homes, the renowned luxury property developer based in the idyllic Sandbanks, UK. Known for their exquisite modern homes, each built for a lifestyle centred around entertainment and impeccable attention to detail, our collaboration felt aligned with the studio’s values.

The rebranding journey began with an in-depth workshop, bringing together our design team and Cullen’s leadership. Together, we delved deep into the brand’s essence, realigned its values, and fine-tuned how Cullen engages with its audience. This collaborative effort, combined with detailed research, laid the groundwork for a fresh, reimagined brand identity.

In this evolution, we focused on simplicity and confidence. We chose to streamline the brand by placing emphasis on the ‘CULLEN’ word mark, creating a stronger and more direct impact. Inspired by the luxury spaces that Cullen’s clients cherish, we decided on a classic palette of soft blacks, greys, and whites. This clean and modern look was rolled out across various brand assets: brochure templates, guidelines, hoarding designs, and social media content.

Moreover, to amplify their online presence, we introduced new photography, engaging videos, and detailed CGI visuals of the properties. The revamped Cullen website now showcases each property with its own dedicated microsite page, allowing potential homeowners to delve into the specifics of each property offering.

We’re truly proud of the results and look forward to the next phases of Cullen’s brand journey. With such a strong foundation, we’re excited to see where the brand will go next.