Roam the Wild – Caribou Campers branding


Make Studio had the pleasure of collaborating with Caribou Campers, innovators in the campervan industry in the UK. They aim to redefine the outdoor experience, offering something distinct for adventure enthusiasts.

Our task? Designing a brand that embodies adventure, exploration, and the beauty of the outdoors. We envisioned a line graphic that begins as a trail on a map, evolving and interconnecting until it forms a geometric pattern. This design seamlessly transitions into the shape of an antler, drawing a clear connection to the iconic Caribou name.

Blending travel-inspired graphics with modern geometric design resulted in the memorable Caribou antler logo. Alongside this, we chose a bold, contemporary font for “Caribou”, ensuring the brand stands out in the digital landscape.

Our chosen color palette reflects nature and boldness: deep forest greens paired with classic black and white, complemented by a dash of bright orange to catch the eye.

With these revamped brand tools, Caribou Campers is poised for growth. From establishing valuable partnerships to launching a compelling online presence, the future looks promising, and we’re keen to see their journey evolve.

Website can be viewed here: