Turbocharging the future, Accelleron is launched from a 100 year legacy with ABB


Make are excited to be working with Accelleron, the new independent company set up from the ABB Turbocharging Systems division. Whilst it’s historical roots lie with ABB, Accelleron is a new brand, with an entirely new look and refreshed vision. Magdalena Okopska, Head of Marketing and Communication explains how the new brand was developed ‘We started with the idea that we are the turbocharging experts, helping our customers go further today, tomorrow and beyond. The words were chosen carefully. We are keen to put people at the centre of our brand, so we focus on turbocharging experts, rather than, say, turbocharging technology’.

Having helped the existing Accelleron team over the past few years, we are very pleased to carry on this relationship. This has already begun by adapting the existing Tekomar XPERT campaign into the new branding which has now launched on their website:


We look forward to working on the brand roll-out within the sector to help secure and expand on their existing market share.