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Interactive content

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The project

After initially wanting Flash-based videos for their window displays, Savills HQ signed off for Make Studio to create an interactive content channel instead. Our solution was a Showcase Screen system that allowed personalised content to be displayed alongside listings in the window displays, increasing relevance on a local and even individual level.

The content could be controlled centrally and personalised locally, maximising relevance to the target audience. This brought the up-to-date nature of online listing sites to the high street, resulting in a national rollout and increased engagement from passers-by.

Localised solutions

For local branches

The brief

Savills HQ initially approached Make Studio with the brief to commission Flash-based videos for window displays. However, we saw the opportunity to create a system that would allow for more personalisation and real-time updates. Either way, the goal was the same: to grab the attention of buyers, sellers and passers-by and increase engagement in high street shops.

This would allow Savills to engage with existing customers, new clients and the communities. Ultimately the solution needed to help create connections with the communities Savills serves and increase engagement on the high street.

Bringing people home

For over 150 years

The experts in local and international property

Savills is one of the world’s leading property agents. Their experience spans the globe, but their roots are in London.Their insight-led approach allows them to provide an unmatched level of service for their buyers and sellers. Priding themselves on their wide-ranging specialist and local knowledge, this best-in-class brand has been helping clients with their property decisions and ambitions for over 160 years.

Presenting a cohesive national brand

With personalised messaging

The approach

Such a personal effect requires a nuanced technical setup. Their Reapit RPS content management system allows for presentation control and queueing functions on both a local and a centralised level. By integrating the system with existing Savills listings to create an engaging presentation, it marries the needs of an internet searcher and a casual viewer, creating an experience that is universally useful yet personal. Dependent on the content selection, all three target audiences are catered for – buyers, sellers and casual passers-by.

Buyers are engaged with visually attractive displays and relevant information. Sellers either see their own properties on the system and feel assured that Savills is working hard for their property or become interested in listing with Savills due to their innovative approach. Passers-by see content relevant to their community or experience and are therefore more engaged with the brand.

Local control

National scale

The solution

The Showcase System is a screen based presentation interface containing sales and marketing content for Savills listings. It is built from the same content that appears on other channels, allowing for a consistent brand experience. The system depends on real time data integrated with Savills national and local branded information using HTML5 transitions and animations, parallax “scrollers” and grid overviews, and an adaptable pace and dynamism allowing for short and long content.

Systems training took place at Savills HQ to empower the team to make the most of the technology. What this means is that both the central team and local Savills branches can tap into the national system and create presentations for the screens that are hyper-relevant to the location. Local branches can even adjust the content on the screen to address the weather, local events or even the specific people walking past in real time – “Hey you in the red dress, there’s a great property we’d like to show you.”

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Renting. Letting.

Building the brand

The results

Savills brand value and recognition increased after deployment in high streets where the Showcase System was implemented. The opportunity for sellers to present curated properties on-screen has also led to increased enquiries and helped position Savills as an innovative market leader.

Savills originally set a three-site test environment, but the technology was quickly rolled out to seven further branches throughout London. The success they saw there led to a further national rollout to almost 100 UK sites. The system has the potential to grow and scale from both a content and a technology perspective and serves as a possible waypoint to emerging technologies like motion sensing and augmented reality.

Research reveals that Savills brand recognition increased in high streets where the system has been released. The opportunity for sellers to present property on screen has also led to increased enquiries. We were able to deliver not only a new look and feel that was instantly more engaging, but also provide a technological foundation to future proof the entire system, giving Savills the opportunity for immense growth.

Barnaby Lewington, Digital Design & Content Manager at Savills
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