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The project

Keith Prowse tasked Make Studio with developing a new brand identity in order to stand out in the hospitality sector. They also wanted their new brand to bring them into the twenty-first century, with a premium digital presence and an innovative edge. Lastly they wanted to highlight their history and heritage, establishing trust and authority with current and potential customers.

Our new brand effectively captured all three of Keith Prowse’s main values: heritage, trust and innovation. The digital rollout created a fresh new appeal for the brand, with conversions improved by 75% and new tenders secured for complete ownership of hospitality in two of the UK’s largest sports venues.

Innovation values

Rooted in British heritage

The brief

The Keith Prowse team knew that they needed a rebrand in order to stand out better in their industry, but they also knew that they wanted a digital-first solution to secure the future of the company within the hospitality sector. To achieve what they wanted, the new branding needed to highlight their current values while being inclusive, consistent and adaptive to a variety of formats.

Finally, the new website had to be AAA compliant with a focus on accessibility. Their strategic approach to a digital solution would make their brand adaptable for future development and innovation, including the use of emerging technology and personalisation.

If hospitality has a name

It’s Keith Prowse

A history of hospitality

Keith Prowse pioneered the partnership between business and sport almost 40 years ago, introducing the concept of client entertaining in exclusive areas such as executive boxes and restaurants. It was just one example of the spirit of innovation that has driven people ever since London stage impresarios William Keith and Robert Prowse came together 220 years ago to launch a theatre ticket selling enterprise. Today, Keith Prowse hospitality experiences are the industry benchmark against which other packages are measured.

Securing the future

Embracing the past

The approach

For Keith Prowse’s rebrand, we started with thorough research. We wanted to fully understand the history of the company, the position within the market and the perception of the brand from customers, competitors and clients. This was essential in order to inform both the design and the customer journeys. Our team leaned heavily on colour psychology when choosing the brand visuals, as well as the company’s reputation and heritage as Britain’s premium hospitality provider. The web design and journey was equally considered, as we wanted the experience to match the values we were conveying through the brand. State of the art technology was used to ensure the site could evolve and adapt as new technologies emerge.

From high level to eye level

Visual consistency at every touchpoint

The solution

Keith Prowse’s new brand identity is clean and crisp, and it sits comfortably in association with their partner brands. Their rich heritage led the design team to the Union Jack to create the ‘K’ logo, which also mimics the lines on sports pitches and courts. Likewise, the Match Green hearkens to the green grass and blue skies associated with match day. A complementary Asphalt Grey provides definition and emphasises the premium experiences and service level. Both the colours and logo make the brand instantly recognisable in association with UK sporting events. The logo was then blown up for use as a ‘supergraphic,’ keeping the brand identity front and centre in all communications.

The new website was built on the Sitecore CMS platform, which enables multiple integrations for ticketing, sales partners and more, leaving plenty of room for future innovation. It uses state of the art functionality like 360 degree virtual tours and video headers. In order to capture the emotional connection customers feel with the experiences they have, we filmed at five sporting event venues across the UK. Featuring real customers on the site improves trust and confidence by displaying an authentic experience, resulting in evocative and effective web content that progresses the brand’s goals for their digital experience.

A confident move

To the front of the pack

The results

The new branding was soft-launched in 2016 with a rollout across marketing materials and social media. The new site followed in spring 2017 with a phased functionality scope, enabling Keith Prowse to feed back on the process and results as they re-engaged with old prospects and heard from existing partners. The feedback was overwhelmingly positive, highlighting the brand’s fresh new appeal and relevance to the industry. The new website resulted in a 75% increase in conversions, a 25% drop in bounce rate, and a 78% increase in time spent on the site. Furthermore, new tenders were secured which gave Keith Prowse complete ownership of hospitality in two of the UK’s largest sports venues, with the brand and communication presentation cited as integral factors.

“Make Studio went further than the traditional agency / client relationship. Their approach to the project ensured that we were all on the same page. This step by step collaboration gave us confidence in Make’s final output as we worried less about whether or not they understood us and what we were trying to do and instead concentrated, with them, on how we achieve our goals. They ultimately came up with some innovative ideas and solutions that brought our brand into the 21st Century whilst remaining true to our core brand values.”

Andy Vinsen
, Managing Director, 
Keith Prowse
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