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The project

ABB tasked us with creating a showcase campaign for the incredibly powerful MicroSCADA Pro, a platform used to control the power grid for massive systems like the London Underground and the Burj Khalifa. We decided the best way to market this highly technical product was to create an emotional connection through a creative campaign based on a documentary-style film.

This film and the subsequent marketing campaign were used by the sales team to demonstrate to their leads the power and versatility of MicroSCADA Pro. Since then, enquiries related to the MicroSCADA Pro system have increased, and the sales team feels more confident approaching leads and starting conversations with such a compelling piece of content.

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Our MicroSCADA Pro campaign video shot in Helsinki

Smart technology

Hundreds of applications

The brief

The ABB sales team requested marketing content they could use to highlight the versatility and reliability of the MicroSCADA Pro platform, a control system technology widely used in urban, civic and commercial settings. They wanted something beyond technical specs and documentation in order to create a more intuitive understanding of the product that they could use online, during pitches and as the basis for additional campaign materials.

Expertly designed

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World-class knowledge and service

MicroSCADA Pro is a power control system from the most trusted provider in the world. Whether it’s an entire city, a skyscraper, a hospital or an art museum, MicroSCADA Pro spots and corrects disruptions and blackouts before they occur, creating peace of mind for controllers and end users.

Using one city

To tell the whole story

The approach

The technology behind MicroSCADA Pro is understood by engineers but goes largely unnoticed by wider audiences in the settings where it is deployed. We wanted to change that. ABB may operate in a B2B (business to business) environment, but all businesses are made up of humans. We decided to create a campaign that would tap into those human connections in order to illustrate how intrinsic MicroSCADA Pro can be to everyday life.

We chose the city of Helsinki as the location for a film and photoshoot that would accomplish that. The tool is used in plenty of exciting locations, but so much of the city of Helsinki relies on MicroSCADA Pro that it evokes a more personal and crucial feeling. It isn’t aspirational, it’s critical. Hospitals, transportation, commercial venues and entire power grids use it for their operations, which cannot fail. Helsinki was the perfect city to demonstrate this indispensability.

A campaign centred on human experience

To connect people and technology

The solution

The resulting film takes the viewer through four case studies within Helsinki, including on-location filming and customer testimonials threaded together in a documentary style. The case studies include Helsinki Museum of Modern Art, the smallest application, which uses MicroSCADA Pro to customise lighting within the galleries; the Port of Helsinki, which uses it for lighting automation; the Helsinki Metro, which uses it for control and monitoring; and Savon Voima, the largest application, using MicroSCADA Pro to control the power grid for much of the greater Helsinki area. The theme of the story was “keeping the lights on,” highlighting the reliability of the system across the different applications. The film and accompanying photography were then used as the basis for the full marketing campaign, which included posters, brochures and digital collateral.

Simple. Intelligent. Versatile.

Making the unseen understood

The results

The rollout of the campaign was centred on the film but included brochures, exhibition materials, posters and more, all of which the sales team used to inspire, involve and inform their target clients. The team has provided feedback that the campaign materials have been hugely helpful in increasing awareness and understanding of the product, as well as generating leads.

Since the launch of the campaign, requests for consultancy and work related to MicroSCADA Pro have increased by 37%. Additionally, over 1,000 highly targeted individuals have seen the video – an impressive number in such a small industry when each sale often equates to millions in revenue.

Services rendered
  • Advertising
  • Animation
  • Art direction
  • Campaign strategy
  • Content marketing
  • Digital experience design
  • Direct marketing
  • Drone photography & film
  • Email marketing
  • Film
  • Market & competitor research
  • Media & campaign planning
  • Motion graphics
  • Photography
  • Post-production
  • Print design
  • Social media
  • User interface (UI)
  • Voice & tone

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