Robots to the rescue, filming our TP Piping film with Hafzoo productions


Make Studio had the opportunity to produce a product campaign film for our client GF with their Technical Performance Piping range. Founded in Italy in 1982, TP Piping offers high-performance PVC-U piping components for swimming pool applications and irrigation systems.

Our campaign concept focused on placing their hero valve product in the centre of both underwater pool environments and mirrored with grass scenarios under sprinkle systems.

Working with film production company Hafzoo, led by director Andreas Hafele, we produced a film advertising their PVC-U fittings and valves. This involved some great prep from Andreas, sourcing giant fish tanks to submerge products into, and sourcing a piece of beautiful grass from the local golf course in Austria, which was then grown under lights for 3 weeks to get lush summer grass in a winter shoot.

The film was created under studio lighting with a BOLT robotic arm and Phantom Flex 4k camera. The precision robotic arm is capable of horizontal and vertical movement speeds of up to 2 metres per second, and 180 degrees of rotation in 1 second with the camera capturing 4K in 1000fps, the results are stunning. With the products being anchored and dunked into the water, whilst the irrigation scene had water showered over all in slo-motion, the results were really impressive.

Motion graphics were applied by Jon in-house, playing with the typography and reversing some of the scenes. Roto-scoping out wires and connections all created unforeseen challenges that we overcame. This was all accompanied by a beautiful modern audio track with opera vocals created by Jonny to give the nod to the Italian heritage of the brand – all came together in this great film.


Check it out here: