Encouraging staycations with our BCP summer tourism campaign


We are particularly passionate and proud to showcase our summer tourism campaign for our home town of Bournemouth. After months of winter effort, we managed to create a fresh approach to the area and a play on the idea that you don’t have to go abroad to find that holiday feeling.

In the wake of the pandemic on local businesses, we were tasked with creating a campaign that would encourage and retain the staycation visitors to the area. Our area often gets compared to somewhere else, and often feels like you’re abroad, so we developed a suite of creative executions that showcase the area’s great locations, associated with some of the key holiday destinations that it Feels like.

Our idea connects the area with the feeling of other desirable destinations like LA, Bondi, Ibiza, Spain, Miami and more. We’ve partnered beautiful location imagery from local photographers with these key statements and location marker tags to encourage people to explore our great coastline.

Delivering a summer campaign in the middle of winter meant we had to reach out to local photographers, and a huge thanks to Jake Baggaley for supporting us, Rama Knight and Hay Hay visuals, plus the many local businesses that got involved in supplying content that made it feel local and authentic. Thanks to Mark Cribb, Roger Woodall (Dodge), Joshua Simons, Andy Price, Jason Rubino, Simon Kilmister and the BCP team for helping to support that content.   Behavioural insights helped inform the idea from Beatrice Andrew – and audio from Leo Rhodes helped bring our campaign video to life.

A full media plan has been launched under the largest budget that area has ever invested in promotion, aimed mainly at young families, gen X, and empty nesters – it is now live in major ad spaces throughout the midlands and catchments within a 2hr drive in digital and print at OOH sites as well as full digital and social outlets working in partnership with Fabbrica Media. A full proactive PR media and influencer approach is being handled by Warrior Agency, all coming together to ensure the three towns get great exposure.

Our team are very proud to be part of this.