Make_Talks: The Future of Property Marketing


On Wednesday the 23rd of November, the Make team headed over to the Gherkin to host a talk on the future of property marketing as part of a series of talks dubbed #Make_Talks. We had the privilege of hearing Ed Daly of Seeper and Dave Bexon of Redrow discuss new innovations with architectural visualisation models and digital property portals that are paving the way for property marketing across the UK.

A bright and early start saw the team in the Perrier Jouët suite at the Gherkin, looking out across a beautiful London skyline. With a room of over 35 property specialists eagerly anticipating our two speakers, enjoying breakfast and greeting each other, we were ready to introduce our two speakers.

Katie Street / Client Services Director at Make Studio

Katie brings a wealth of experience into the Make Studio team with vast experience in the digital and design sector. Katie brings an intelligent process to our marketing and creative property campaigns leading our team over obstacles and down paths increasing customer engagement and interaction in the process.

Ed Daly / Managing Director at Seeper

Ed heads up Seeper, a team of artists, inventors engineers and programmers that drive innovation and adaptive technology including multi-touch surfaces, 3D projection mapping and motion control.

Ed has been heading up the team preparing to unveil one of the studio’s latest projection mapping projects, seeCity. seeCity integrates scale models of buildings with digital animation that brings the architectural landscape to life, allowing viewers to truly visualise new developments and projects as real places to live and work.

Dave Bexon / Group Sales and Marketing Director at Redrow Homes

With a lifetime of experience developing marketing campaigns in the new homes sector, including the launch of the UK’s first digital property portal. Because of this, Dave is well respected for being one of the property sectors finest innovators.

Dave and his team at Redrow have invested time exploring new strategies to engage a predominantly digital focused market place, leading the way in the industry with use of augmented and virtual reality giving the audience an immersive experience through their buying journey.

Our Client Services Director, Katie Street, introduced our speakers and prepared the audience for the forthcoming experience. They were not left disappointed.

Ed Daly was first to discuss Seepers latest project, seeCity. He immediately captivated the room showcasing their skills using projection mapping technology. seeCity, brings architectural visualisation to life by using digital projectors to beam seamless, detailed content onto a large and complex scale model of city. This technology helps developments come to life in an immersive way, showing audiences their real estate alive in their natural environments. Unfortunately we are unable to show the video of seeCity itself as it is currently still under production but keep an eye out in the future for the showcase film.

Next, to bring a virtual twist to the room, was Dave Bexon. The Redrow marketing team have been researching and developing new strategies to reach audiences within the market place, and looking how people will interact with real estate businesses in the future. Redrow are already one of the leaders in the real estate market already harnessing AR and VR technologies. He discussed the predicted future behaviours of their customers and how to utilisation of social media platforms to engage with them is likely to increase on more of an immersive level. With Instagram being their fastest growing channel, he explained the importance of personalising your marketing and keeping up with social media trends and platforms. Interactivity is going to be a huge part of audience engagement in the future with snippets of this already raising it’s head in the industry today.

Our talk finished with a look to the past and quite possibly the first ever recorded advertisement, discovered in Ephesus dating 2000 years ago.

It displays the product (a brothel), where it is located and the price (if you can fill this hole you can pay). As much as we can look at new technologies and levels of engagement we all have a standard messaging template we follow, product, location and price. So as much as we can discuss the future of property marketing, to be honest “How far have we really come in 2000 years?”.

Watch the video below to see the full presentations from Dave and Ed.

Due to the nature of seeCity and the mystery that is currently behind it (as it has not yet launched), unfortunately we can’t disclose it’s location, so if you hear a sudden silence while Ed is speaking and the screen blurred, it is to remove the location from being open to the public. Apologies for any inconvenience.

We’d like to thank our speakers from Seeper and Redrow for taking the time to give insight into their markets and help make Make_Talks a great success, and of course thanks to all our attendees who we hope enjoyed the morning. If you would like to be informed of our next Make_Talks event, enter your name and email below and we’ll keep you posted on what’s to come.