Process Automation

Together as one

Repositioning a global multinational

Into a full solution provider

The project

GF Piping Systems asked Make Studio to create a global sales campaign to launch an integrated solution-focused service that would reposition GF as the global leading provider of the complete control loop in Plastic Process Automation Solutions for water & wastewater applications.

The campaign needed to change the perception of GF being a components company to a full system solution provider. The aim was to highlight them as the premier partner for process automation by promoting the benefits of a system led approach with the goal of increasing process automation market growth to 15% by 2030.

The 200-year-old multinational Swiss-based corporation Georg Fischer has three core divisions: GF Piping Systems, GF Casting Solutions, and GF Machining Solutions. GF Piping Systems is a leading supplier of piping systems for transporting liquids and gases. 

Delivering digital transformation

With an integrated, end to end offering

The approach

Using our internal campaign modelling tool of ‘inspire, involve and inform’ we mapped out a project approach that included in-depth analysis of our clients offering, re-alignment of their value proposition, defined brand pillars, customer profiling and competitor market research.

This insight enabled us to craft a campaign narrative that centred around a frictionless approach, where connectivity is made easy and effortless through one complete control loop ecosystem. From this narrative Make Studio established the campaign headline ‘Together as one’.

A circular solution

For global water demand

The solution

The visual execution of the campaign concept stemmed from its own headline ‘Together as one’. We explored the idea of ‘one’, and its relationship to a circle to create a series of visual ‘control loops’. Each ‘loop’ was constructed from GF products to form a figurative letter ‘O’ – a solitary structure made of ‘many parts’.

This visual approach allowed us to showcase the clients full product offering in a dynamic and engaging way, especially across digital applications where we were able to bring the campaign to life through the use of alluring infinity animations.

Uniting all of the product systems and reinforcing the digitalization message, Make Studio created a campaign super graphic in the form of a digital wave to seamlessly flow through and link all campaign elements, binding the creative into one stand-out campaign for their sector. 

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  • Media & campaign planning
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