Studio news – we grow trees!


As a studio, we believe in ‘inspiring tomorrow’, and this includes affecting our environment. Most businesses now take sustainability seriously due to the climate crisis we face, and recognising this early on, we took action over 3 years ago by becoming a founding business member of Ecologi. We pay a fee for every employee of the Studio on a monthly basis helping to make a small contribution towards reducing our footprint on our planet.

Ecologi states it “provides your business with multiple climate solutions. From net-zero to large impact purchases, we are your trusted partner in protecting our world.” To date, Make Studio has purchased the planting of 3,680 trees, which has offset 248.77 tonnes of carbon.

We think this is a great initiative and it’s gaining more members every day – so if you are interested, have a look at it, as a business or as an individual, sign up and get involved.

To see our virtual forest and other projects that our investment has helped make happen, such as the first-ever wind farm in Honduras to clean electricity in India, please visit